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Crop Circles and their relationship with COVID-19.
"Decoding alien chemistry to stop the pandemic"

Friday, October 08
Time: 19:55 - 20:45

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  • Director of the “Vicente Fuentes” channel on YouTube platform.


  • Writer of articles, monographs and journalistic reports in MC EDICIONES (September 2010 - present) and PRISMA PUBLICACIONES of EDITORIAL PLANETA (January 2011 - present).

  • Collaborator and member of the scientific advisory team in HISTORY CHANNEL (January 2013-present), CUATRO TV (March 2014-present) and Radio Nacional de España -RNE- (2011-present).


  • Director, founder and webmaster of (November 2010 - present).  


  • Writer, layout designer and draftsman at the Corona Borealis company (November 2010 - September 2011, two books published).  


  • Lecturer in scientific symposia (HEPTA, Gran Canaria National Congress, Sábiens).  


  • Beta-tester in the Microsoft Spain Pre-Sales department  (January 2003 - February 2004).