Vicente cassanya


Wilhelm Reich UFO sightings

"Relationship with Majestic 12

and President Einsehower "

Friday, September 25

Time: 17:30 - 19:00

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Professional astrologer since 1981. Author of several books and of the best and most complete Astrological Yearbook in the world, which has been published without interruption since 1992, but which, given the numerous imitators on the rise that copied up to the head and the cover, has changed Name. Since the 2017 edition it is called CASSANYA YEARBOOK.

He has been president of Astrologers of the Mediterranean. Director of the astrological magazines Urania (1985-87) and Tu Suerte (1998-2015).
Specialist in Astromundial, a discipline that studies the relationship of astral cycles with history, in fact, that was the objective of his first book, Astrological Chronicle of the 20th Century, published in 1989, where he predicted that the year 2020 would change the world.
Original idea, script and direction of TWELVE, the story from the stars, a series
documentary for Canal Historia, which premiered on December 4, 2017 and
shows how the stars have determined the evolution of history and culture. I know
You can see it on the History Channel or on Youtube.





History repeats itself and it does so to the rhythm of the great astral cycles. The Astromundial, is the sublime specialty that studies this synchronous correlation between cycles of the cosmos and historical cycles. A privileged watchtower to read and understand the future of humanity. We will see numerous examples and address what is happening now in the world, what is its explanation from the astral perspective and also where we are heading or what our future will be.


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