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Crop circles

"The future of contact with UFOs"

Saturday 26, September

Time: 14:30 - 15:50

30€ IVA INC.

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  80 min

Crop circles are the greatest event that is happening in our world at all levels due to the fact that our species can finally understand the universe from a broader point of view: we are not alone, we have been discovered and indeed Those who have done so want to establish contact with us little by little, with the language of the science of mathematics, with the sensitivity of the perfection of their designs, and with the use of geometry in the most intimate way possible.


The human being of the 21st century is facing the challenge of discovering designs that surpass our concepts of beauty and lead us in each drawing that appears to establish a union with a civilization that little by little wants to take us to see life from a broader perspective. and we are lucky in this generation to see the first steps of a relationship between men and aliens through these circles.


No one is able to match the way they are made, they are giants like soccer fields, and no one in the world is able to think of something as sublime as what every wonder that appears in this unique place in the world proposes, but today we are going to see in this conference.

Objectives of the Master Class:

  • Expose the phenomenon of crop circles from the beginning of its appearance and journalistic reports (17th century) of the incidents that are taking place around the megalithic conglomerate of Stonehenge, in England, and send the public in a clear and orderly way that we are at the beginning of the first contacts that different species outside the planet Earth would be making with the human species through mathematics.

  • Visually show all the topics that the phenomenon is covering in these first contacts and study the different mentions both of ancient cultures that studied astronomy and time in a perfect way, and the responses that are being made in these designs to the messages that were sent into the cosmos in the 70s from our radio telescopes.

  • Teach the perfection in the designs, the beauty and the variety of the sets of circles that have been presented in the wheat of England from this region of the planet and the challenges that all this poses to the human species at the level of astronomy and philosophy.


Vicente Fuentes, (Madrid, 1982) is an Industrial Technical Engineer specialized in Industrial Chemistry from the Autonomous University of Madrid, and a Master in Teaching

of Mathematics as well as writer, lecturer, researcher and radio announcer.


He is the director of Ufopolis.com, the first magazine of news and reports on the mystery in Spanish, and is part of the Espacio en Blanco team on Radio Nacional de España and Cuarto.

Millennium in Four. He also collaborates in the "¿aliens?"

of the History Channel, and participates in the website Mundodesconocido.es together with JL Camacho.


He has written the book "Time Travel: Real Cases" for the Editorial Planeta

Today it is considered one of the first names of the new generation of researchers in Spain.

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