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Contact in Chile.
The evidence

Sunday 10 October
Time: 13:00 - 13:45

25 € VAT INC.

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 45 min

We will review the most complete reports of close encounters in Chile, from abductions to reports of observations of alleged crew members.



National Director of the Agrupación de Investigaciones de Chile AION, trained in sociology and hypnotherapist. Director of Operations of the “Reñihue” Foundation. He has been an advisor to the Chilean Air Force in the Workshop on UFOs in the

FIDAE 2000 International Air Fair, director of the International Ufology Congresses held at the University of Santiago de Chile, with the sponsorship of the Technological Faculty of said University. He directed the first Ufology course at the Metropolitan Technological University (UTEM). Advisor of

the military projects "UFOs and National Security" and "Introduction to the UFO phenomenon and Considerations for Air Safety". Latin American Coordinator of the “Free” Foundation, created by Astronaut Dr Edgar Mitchell in the study of the implications of close encounters with non-human intelligences. TO

participated in History Channel in "Ancestral Aliens", "Extraterrestrial Contacts" and recently in "The Inexplicable", "Nat Geo" in the series "Prophecies", "Discovery Channel" in the Documentary "UFO on the Andes". "Travell Channel" Unknown Expedition program.

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