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Manifest your paradise on Earth.

Living in the physical level according to spiritual laws.

Through meditation, we analyze, feel and absorb the energy of these spiritual laws in our subconscious. Despite the challenging times that come into our life, there is a way to manifest our paradise on earth, living according to spiritual laws. Knowing these laws, we have the tools to become more effective creators and turn each challenge into an opportunity to express our best selves. This allows us to enjoy each moment of our precious life and be more helpful to others.  


Sometimes we know what we have to do, but for many inner reasons we don't incorporate them in our life.


In this workshop we perform a group healing.


At the end of our workshop all the participants will have the opportunity to book a complimentary 20-minute personal consultation.

Friday 9th 20:50 - 21:55 h

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1.05 h



Connecting with our Inner Guide and why that’s crucial in our life

All of us have an Inner Guide since the moment we were born. It's a contract we did with another soul before our incarnation. 


This guide is beside us each moment to protect, to strengthen and to guide us for our Divine Good. He's here to help us in practical things in our life, but we don’t feel his presence, because we vibrate in a different frequency. 


In this workshop through meditation:

  • we analyze how to upgrade our frequency and receive our Guide’s suggestions 

  • we learn the ways that these useful suggestions may come to us

  • we try to feel our Inner Guide 


In this workshop we will perform a group healing. At the end of our workshop all the participants will have the opportunity to book a complimentary 20-minute personal consultation.

Sunday 11th 17:20 - 18:25 h

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1.05 h



Kiriaki Tzoganaki is an energy healer and mentor. She is the owner of Holistic Beauty Center “Beauty Story” and  the Energy Healing Center “Be the Best You”.

She has helped many people with a variety of diseases, depression, addictions, panic attacks, indecision, sleep disorders, lack of power for change, lack of purpose in life, connection with Inner Guide, preparation and rehabilitation after surgery.

She provides individual sessions, workshops and seminars in person or online.

She coordinates groups on self-awareness, self-improvement and energy healing.

She created an online course  called “The easy way to happiness and success” which it includes theory, physical exercises (yoga and Qi Gong) and meditations. (in Greek, soon in English) 


She’s studied 

  • many energy healings 

  • flower remedies

  • the connection of physical problems with emotional causes

  • Yoga, Tai Chi, Qi Gong 

  • life cycles of Master Del Pe


She started as a beautician having a global sense of beauty. She believes that beauty, health and wellness are tightly connected. So, she guided to the energy healings, first because she wanted to offer more to her clients to relax and to control their overeating and second because she wanted to overcome her personal crisis.

When she realized that these methods not only can help people to improve their lives, but in many cases totally change their lives to the best, this became her passion.

She has worked with clients for more than 11 years.


Her philosophy

. Each of us is remarkable with unique talents and abilities that we have come to develop. We have incarnated to develop all this potential and to experience the best expression of ourselves. To connect the Divine with our human nature.

. Our happiness and inner fulfillment depend solely on our inner energy state.


Her mission: 

. To help people connect with their best self and live their life to the fullest.


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