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Exploring the forces within the crop circles and terrestrial energies.


Sunday 10 October
Time: 16:40 - 17:25 

20€ IVA INC.

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  45 min

An exploration of the prehistory of crop circles and the scientific evidence that they are a real and very strange phenomenon.  


Hugh Newman is a world explorer, megalithomaniac and author of Earth Grids: The Secret Pattern of Gaia's Sacred Sites (2008); co-author of Giants On Record: America's Hidden History, Secrets in the Mounds, and the Smithsonian Archives with Jim Vieira (2015), Stone Circles (2017), and contributed to Megalith: Studies In Stone (2018).


It is published in three 'Ancient Origins' e-books. He has been a regular guest on History Channel's Ancient Aliens and Search for the Lost Giants and has been on the BBC, Sky TV, Bosnian TV and appears on Road 2 Ruins (US), The Alaska Triangle (Travel Channel), The UnXplained. (History), Forbidden History (Discovery), In Search of Monsters (History) and Documentary Projects / TV Shows of Old Tomorrow (US).


He is a video producer who regularly publishes movies of his world explorations on  www.youtube.com/MegalithomaniaUK.
He has articles published in Atlantis Rising (US), New Dawn (Australia), Nexus (UK / AUS), Mindscape (UK), Heretic (UK), World Explorers Magazine (US), The Circular (UK), The Leyhunter (UK) and on websites such as www.ancient-origins.net and www.grahamhancock.com. In addition to organizing the annual conferences and tours on megalithomania, he co-hosts the Origins Conference in London and has spoken at events in the UK, Malta, France, Peru, Egypt, Bosnia, Cambodia, Java, and North America. He currently lives in Wiltshire, England.


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