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Introduction to Energy Healing & Deep Energy Healing

Debbie will talk about how she discovered Energy Healing, and her journey with it so far, how it can be used to transform your life, how you can use it for yourself and the benefits of it.

Coming from a medical backgrounds she will also be discussing the 2 different perspectives: Western medicine and Energy Healing. There will be a group energy healing session at the end.

Saturday 10th 17:40 - 18:40 h

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1 h


Debbie left a senior role in healthcare after discovering Energy Healing. She would place her hands on patients who is working in the hospital and noticed how they would go into a relaxed state and then their pain would dissipate.

Debbie started to practice on friends and certain family members who all stated how much better they felt after seeing her. This then lead Debbie to work in a recovery Centre, RE-CO in the UK for mental health.

During the pandemic Debbie chose to live in Bali for over 2 years where she worked as an Energy Healer. She also worked in a recovery centre, Seasons in Lovina Bali for alcohol and drug addiction.



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