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How to be happy in your relationship! Even being together for a long time! - Dajana & Uwe.

Short and relaxed way we are giving an introduction what were our challenges as a couple. In an energetic and funny way we will figure out what are your main points not being happy in your relationship. Introducing our program for couples and individuals. In a deep mediation state we concentrate what you have to do to change your situation.

Be prepared for new answers from your soul

Saturday 10th 20:40 - 22:00 h

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1:15 a.m.


What is the purpose of your life? Easy to find out! - Dajana.

Short and funny introduction about purpose in life. 

Why is it so difficult to figure it out?

Why do I know my purpose in life?

What are the indicator?

Introducing my program for spiritual individuals.

In a deep mediation state we concentrate what is your real purpose in life.

Be prepared for new answers from your soul.

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Sunday 11th from 09:30 - 10:50 h

1:15 a.m.



Direct, intuitive, down to earth, medial, very sensitive, spiritual, warm, funny, sensitive, assertive, creative, interested in many things, flexible, strategic, critical, clear, quick, communicative, optimistic, intelligent, articulate , open, deep and visionary. 

With more than ten years of career Dajan has forged a successful career as an international swinging up energy speaker, she is also the author of several books such as CMeine Freunde die Gefühle, Jetzt: Liebe neu and Agape und die Freu(n), this work as author She combines it with the functions of online supervisor of medial and spiritual healing training for women, in English and German, at the same time she also acts as a relationship mentor for spiritual couples or people in life crisis.

An abstract of my education, further trainings and attended seminars:

  • Siberian & nordic shamanism

  • Advanced training in spiritual healing

  • Medial training

  • Akasha Chronik reading

  • Kundalini Yoga-teacher level 1 & 2

  • Kundalini Yoga-teacher for pregnancy 

  • Visionary Coach & holistic Coach including a couple of years assistance training

  • Depth psychological picture card work

  • Reiki Usui-System I & II

  • Regularly attending Coaching seminars e.g. Tony Robbins 

  • Training in determine the aura, emotional Clearing work, grounding techniques, past-life work and energy balance

  • Reiki Master Kundalini Reiki

  • Worked, lived & studied in London, Saragossa, Barcelona, New York & Frankfurt


Uwe is a structured, intuitive, down-to-earth, calm, sensitive, spiritual, thorough, empathic, tech-savvy, creative, strategic, critical, communicative, insightful, and planning person. He is the author of relationship books and also a relationship mentor for spiritual couples or people in life crisis. Business coach and entrepreneur who is an expert in highly successful project management and has also been an important manager of many companies. In short, Uwe's career is also full of great abilities such as Nordic shamanism, advanced training and spiritual healing, the therapeutic sound of the White Gong, an excellent teacher of Kundalini Yoga level 1 and 2 Reiki Usui-System I and II, Possesses great knowledge and determination on the subject of the aura, has worked with emotional cleansing, grounding techniques, past lives and energy balance. In general Uwe is a great master of Reiki Kundalini Reiki. 







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