Wilhelm Reich UFO sightings

"Relationship with Majestic 12

and President Einsehower "

Sunday 27 September

Time: 12:20 - 13:40

25€ IVA INC.

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  80 min


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In March 1954, the well-known Austrian psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich sighted a UFO near his residence in the state of Maine. In the following months, Reich was harassed by them, and as a result, wrote an almost unknown book with the explicit title of Contact with space. These sightings were related to his work of neutralizing radioactivity, and aroused the interest of many authorities such as President Dwight Eisenhower himself.


Exclusive information will be presented at the conference, such as the report of the sighting that Reich presented to Whright Patterson, and the follow-up of the own case that Edgar Hoover himself made. Artur is not a specialist in ufology, but someone who, with this talk, aims to reveal a very unknown period of the work of the great and popular Reich. In this way, the theoretical workshop aims to explore the possibility that, more than extraterrestrial ships, Reich opened a dimensional portal with the use of denatured radioactivity, and what he saw were etheric objects in the line of what was reported by ufologists such as John Keel, and the possible relationship that these events had with the famous Majestic 12 and the Rosswel incident.



Arturo Sala Lladó (Sabadell 04/27/1973) has a degree in Physics from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.


He has worked as a consultant in new technologies and professor of science and technology in secondary and high school. In 2010, after a long period of study, he created the blog La Ciencia Perdida (, which ends up becoming a benchmark for serious and rigorous research on the proscribed scientists of history, those that, because of the paradigm shift that their ideas represented, they suffered either ostracism and no-one, or repression, persecution, and even, in some cases, murder. Beyond the simplistic conspiracy theories typical of the "New Age" movements, Artur offers in his work a broad and detailed perspective of modern science, framed in a context of serious social and environmental degeneration and in a period of unprecedented ignorance, understanding it as a mere prosaic appendix of Great Knowledge, which he has baptized as Magna Ciencia, which flourished in times past. In 2018 he closes his period in the blog and publishes his first book Magna Ciencia, of which he has just published an annexed book to it and at the end of this year he will publish the second part, focused on the work of his favorite proscribed scientist: Wilhelm Reich.


Artur Sala's work is a brave work, by a researcher who wants to preserve, at all costs, his independence.


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