Sacred Coded Geometry

Saturday September 26

Time: 16:20 - 17:40

20€ IVA INC.

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  80 min


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We invite you to enjoy history and ancient civilizations, codes of sacred geometry, golden music and its messages of light.

Knowledge of these sacred symbols and mathematical formulas allowed the construction of many historical buildings, such as the great pyramids of Egypt, the Greek Parthenon, and the intricate temples found throughout South and Central America.



We will discover the Flower of life: Use in ancient civilizations, history and practice. Platonic Solids: Healing, unlocking chakras and awakening our language of light. Cube Metatron: Meditation and practice. Sacred Meditations, harmonic songs based on the golden number. Audiovisual material. Sacred Meditations. Protection and healing exercises with sacred geometry.


Master of Sacred Geometry and Reiki; She currently teaches courses as a channel for the Language of Light system, as well as a Speaker and Facilitator. Writer. Author of the book "Coded Sacred Geometry" bestseller edition where she talks about multidimensionality and self-healing with Platonic Solids, the flower of life, Metatron's cube, Merkaba or the golden number. And from his recent work "Pleiadian Activation Codes" where we discovered the mystery of the Inca, Mayan and Aztec peoples through 22 codes of light, carrying out a study on portals, time unfolding, cities of light, lucid dreams ... He teaches different methods of Healing, Reiki Therapies and Meditation. Creator of the "School of Sacred Geometry". He has been giving training courses for 11 years; specialized in geometric crystals, healing sheets of spaces, healing of places in nature and purifying homes with sacred Geometry.

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