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Galactic year crystalline light activation

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Sunday October 10
Time: 17:30 - 19:30

25 € VAT INC.

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 2 h

In this workshop E Light will facilitate a Galactic New Year Crystalline Light body Activation through the Language of Light, providing her channel for the God source to upgrade you through.

The Galactic Year is a 250,000,000 year cycle- the time it takes to travel around the Galaxy. This is the central cycle to the current ascension of Gaia where E is from the future ascended Earth and New Universal consciousness. The codes of Light and galactic crystalline wisdom that she shares provides a frequency of activation that facilitates the upgrading of your Light body to the New Universal crystalline Consciousness.

E attunes to the New Galactic Year consciousness and provides a channel for the God Source consciousness and frequency, where God is the one who does the healing, upgrading and activation through E. God is the most powerful force in the universe and of all universes where there is nothing you can not heal from so long as you believe in you capacity to heal from it, you can experience a profound transform after one journey. So come prepared to awaken.

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