Quantum model of

Parallel Realities


Friday, September 25

Time: 11:20 - 12:40

20€ IVA INC.

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  80 min

This model starts from the Schrödinger's Cat experiment model

and his interpretation of the Many Worlds. This model integrates the Paradox

Observer and Coherence / Decoherence in terms of frequencies.


The model proposes, based on the analogy of the cinema film tape, that

We do not live in a reality based on time but we are jumping between infinities of parallel realities billions of times per second. It also proposes the idea that we have a defined vibrational trace that identifies us and that is consistent with a parallel reality that in turn has a vibrational trace that identifies it. The two tracks are resonant and coherent, that's why they interact and that's why the experience occurs.


The variables and constants of our footprint are determined by our beliefs and identity and if something changes in its content we can no longer belong to the reality we were observing but to another reality with which we enter into coherence, therefore a quantum leap of one reality to another. The model considers time as a pure illusion of our mind that becomes a relative and manageable variable. If you don't like what you are experiencing you just need to change frequency.

The objectives of the workshop are:

Unveil new paradigms that could explain phenomena that have not been explained until now and provide new arguments about the existence of parallel realities, time travel, Deja Vu, Butterfly Effect, Mandela Effect, and other paranormal and metaphysical phenomena. Knowing the mechanics of reality we have the opportunity to apply it in our lives in a beneficial way.

Steve Locse, a Hungarian national, came to Spain in 2000 and worked as a carpenter for 8 years until the arrival of the "economic crisis" when he decided to study International Trade. But when the things in life became more difficult around the year 2010, he goes through an emotional crisis

and existential that leads him to discover his vocation and begins to inquire into different subjects of science and spirituality as self-taught. Through the studies carried out, Steve becomes an expert in Emotional Intelligence and Mindfulness, he reaches a deep understanding of Metaphysics and Spirituality understood from the Essence of Being.


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