UAP Secret Investigation in the US & Around the World

Saturday October 09

Time: 13:30 - 14:20

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In December 2017, it emerged that the Pentagon has been running a secret UFO research project called AATIP for years. From the beginning, the goal of this project was to determine the technology behind these phenomena. Meanwhile, the US Director of National Intelligence has released a UAP report showing that some of these craft are under intelligent control and have flight capabilities that dwarf our own technology. 

But how did these surprising revelations come about? Who are behind these events and what are their motives? What do the military and intelligence services really know about the phenomenon? A look at the international situation shows it: The revelations in the United States are only the tip of the iceberg ...




Robert Fleischer is a television journalist, host, and filmmaker. He has worked for several German public television networks and writes articles for magazines in Germany and abroad. In 2007, he founded Exopolitics Germany ( and in 2013, he launched, an online subscription television magazine for open-minded people. It not only reports on UFOs and the paranormal, but also on a wide range of topics, including politics, future science, and consciousness research.


His work has appeared on major television and radio shows, as well as newspaper articles. He has a university degree in conference interpreting for French and Spanish and has spoken in many countries, including Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, the Czech Republic, the United Kingdom, and Australia.