Before reserving a place for the workshops, you must buy at least one of these tickets:

Golden Ticket - 5 workshops to choose from

Golden Plus Ticket - All workshops available

Luxury 1 Pax - Available to both workshops

Luxury 2 Pax - Available to both workshops

*If workshop reservations are made for more than one person associated with the same email, you must register them independently.

*If you do not have any of these tickets you can buy a Junior or Standard ticket.

To reserve a place in the workshops you can have two options

do it through the following email:

Adding the following information to the form:


1. Type of ticket

2. Ticket number  

3. Name and surname with which you made the purchase

4. Email with which you made the purchase

5. Workshops you want to sign up for

6. Phone number for easy contact

or you can also make reservations for the workshops using the following form:

Workshops friday 09
Workshops saturday 10
Workshops sunday 11

NOTICE: You can't attend 2 workshops at the same time

Thanks for your message!