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Studying Anomalous Aerial Phenomena in the Field:
The History, Lessons and Challenges of Instrumented Projects.

Saturday October 09
Time: 15:35 - 16:25


Philippe Ailleris is an Earth observation project controller at a major European space organization, where he has worked for more than 30 years.
A French citizen, he has been intrigued by the UFO topic since the creation of the French research and information group UAP (GEIPAN) in 1977. In 2009 he founded the Project of the UAP Observations Reporting Scheme in the framework of the International Year of Astronomy.


His research focuses on the scientific examination of UAP observations. His primary focus is on the methods, equipment, and lessons learned from UAP's instrumented field studies and, more recently, the potential use of civilian Earth-observing satellites as a way to mine UFO data.


He has published two research articles: "The appeal of local SETI: Fifty years of field experiments" (2011) and "Ufology and experimental strategy: What have we learned from missions instrumented in the field?" (2015) and presented a poster at the CNES-GEIPAN workshop in Paris (2014).


He is a member of the UFODATA Project Board ( and a member of the virtual community of European UFO researchers (EuroUFO) and of the UAP Studies Coalition (SCU).


Despite the long-standing controversy surrounding the subject, he believes it is important to maintain an open-minded scientific attitude. A further scientific study of UAP cases could reveal crucial data leading to the detection of rare atmospheric events, near-Earth space phenomena, unexpected consequences of human activity (space debris and pollution), and even possible signs of techno-signatures. .