Brainwave meditation technique and healing of limiting beliefs

Friday September 25

Time: 16:50 - 18:10

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 90 min


To carry out the free workshop, registration is required. Limited places.

One way to approach the creator, God, the Maker, the Universal Architect, call it what you call it in any philosophy, spiritual or religious belief to eliminate the Limiting Beliefs from the subconscious, which are boycotting our existence. An alternative of empowerment, of growing in self-esteem, of changing our role in the face of life's adversities, of self-healing, healing, and connecting both with our spirit, and with our angels, ancestors, and with God. "Faith increases the power of God."

Pedro Riba aims to inform his audience, the technique that eliminates the Limiting Beliefs that underlie our subconscious and do not help us to be happy and live life. In addition to briefly explaining the Technique, it will relate the "Great Maker / God" that appears in this Therapy, with God and the ufological passages or extraterrestrial contacts that appear in the Bible.


Luces en la oscuridad - pedro riba libro
Remedios para el alma -  Pedro riba libr
El arte de aprender a vivir - Pedro Riba
La princesa del tiempo - Pedro riba libr

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