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Pablo Villarrubia Mauso (1962) is a Brazilian journalist, reporter, and writer, best known for his work on the Spanish program Cuarto Milenio .

Early years:

He was born in São Paulo ( Brazil ), in 1962. The son of Spanish parents (his mother was born in the San Telmo neighborhood, in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria ), since he was little he was attracted to the mystery. It was his grandfather (who had worked in Morocco and the Canary Islands) the person who promoted in him a taste for travel and, especially, for knowledge. According to Villarrubia, in his neighborhood library, he used to manually copy data from various genres, including "the narratives of ancient expeditions and the ephemeris of spacecraft launches towards the Moon and other planets."

Journalistic career:

He graduated in journalism from the Cásper Líbero Faculty, in São Paulo, in 1986, and began his journalistic career in 1988. After this, he worked for a period of time in a weekly newspaper in Sao Paulo, the “City News-Jornal da Cidade” . It was during his work in said weekly when, in late 1989, he interviewed the Spanish researchers JJ Benítez and Fernando Jiménez del Oso , who had traveled to Brazil to shoot a documentary for the series "En Busca del Misterio", accompanying them later on in the report on Gasparetto. In this, Jiménez del Oso proposed that he be a correspondent for the magazine “Más Allá”, of which he was the director. That was how he moved to Spain and began collaborating on his magazines "Space and Time" and "Enigmas of Man and the Universe". He established his permanent residence in Spain in 1992 (although, as he indicates, he travels to Brazil every year to “get in touch” with the people of his native country, which has allowed him to investigate some very important cases within the scope of South American ufology and parapsychology and studying ancient Amerindian civilizations). It was in the first stage of the magazine "Enigmas", where he would meet many of his current colleagues from Millennium 3 and Fourth Millennium , who also worked on it. In 1997 he would begin his career as a writer.

On his many trips around the world, he has interviewed archaeologists from around the world and visited archaeological sites and museums on three continents. This fact impelled him to want to know better the Spanish written press in relation to the dissemination of archeology . Thus, due to the absence of existing studies on this historical area in journalism, he began to develop an investigation with that sense, which ended with the preparation of his doctoral thesis "Archaeological journalism and information company", which was the first doctoral thesis "of this genre presented in Spain ". In 2005, he received his doctorate in Information Sciences from the Complutense University of Madrid .

Villarrubia is currently working on various projects related to the historical novel , based on the personal data he has obtained through his many trips and lived experiences.

In addition to his writing career, Villarrubia continues to publish reports on a regular basis, which he combines with the publication of new books and his participation in various media, both in the press, and on radio and television for Spain and Brazil. Thus, he currently works as a reporter-screenwriter for the Spanish program Cuarto Milenio, on Cuatro TV.