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From the Tree of Life: codes in common between Andean and Hebrew mysticism.

It is an experiential theoretical workshop where we will work on the meeting points between Hebrew mysticism and the wisdom of the American peoples, in relation to the tree of life. Where we will share the cosmogony of the ancestral codes for good living, expanded states of consciousness with master plants (  ayahuasca, etc) as well as the evolution of the being through self-knowledge, with ancient wisdom that the Hebrew mystics left for this moment of humanity, through secrets that can change the course of our humanity.

Friday the 9th from 20:50 - 22:00 h

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 1.05 h

25 € 



Maurizio Chakaruna Chasquikuna


Maurizio Chakaruna Chasquikuna, born in Peru, started from a young age on the coasts of the Pacific Ocean, the mountains of the Andes and the Amazon as Chakaruna and Chasqui, a bridge weaver and messenger of the new pachacuteq (new time) and the awakening of consciousness, Guardian of the fire of the prophecy of the eagle and the condor, dancer of the sun, bearer of chanupa (sacred pipe), initiated as a themescalero, bearer of the obsidian mirror, organizes vision searches, initiatic trips in sacred temples and spiritual retreats.


The experience in ritual language and song, together with the ancestral codes, give him the strength and love to make offerings to the pachamama and lead ceremonies with master plants.

Family man and member of the Pachamama Native American church.

Ruth Daumas Olmedo

My name is Ruth, I was born in Córdoba in the heart of Argentina, a very mystical city with a very special energetic charge and a lot of ancestral wisdom, at the age of 26 I settled in Europe complementing my life of knowledge in this rich territory.

From a very young age I felt attracted by countless topics related to the mysticism of various cultures (such as the wisdom of the American peoples, studying and deepening their worldview, with initiations with indigenous peoples of the Andean territory such as the Queros etc and others grandparents of great lineages.

I also had the enormous privilege of receiving masterly knowledge about Egyptian alchemy from the Tuareg lineage and its most ancient Atlantean origin from the hand of a Great Wise Woman.

I have dedicated a large part of my life to studying them and integrating them into myself to deepen the self-knowledge of the  "Tree of Life" and thus help other people who vibrated in those frequencies so that they can enjoy of it and make their lives better, I feel very privileged for this opportunity.

One of the knowledges in which he currently deepened in a practical and theoretical way, being my reason for existing and my mission in life, is Kabbalistic knowledge, since it is an axis of anchorage in my feeling in absolute fullness and expanding day by day my extrasensory capacities from harmony and love.

I work in permanent learning with different erudite teachers in this knowledge such as Mario Saban and Albert Gozlan and other great luminaries of this era, they are a gift from the universe for humanity, I feel fortunate to live in this period of humanity and to be able to meet them and have them as a reference. 

Fortunate all to have been able to order in this period of history and to be active witnesses of all this transformation of the world in the first row.

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