* With special participation of

Javier Sierra and Enrique de Vicente

Ovnis and children

Saturday September 26

Time: 12:40 - 14:00

30€ IVA INC.

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80 min

The Ufology World Congress is pleased to present one of the youngest researchers of the UFO phenomenon in Spain.


Martín Sierra (Málaga, 2007) is a very young man passionate about the mysteries of the Universe. He has grown up in a home where peeking up into the sky to see the stars and wondering about their secrets is common. He played his father, the writer Javier Sierra, in the television series "Other Worlds" (Channel # 0, Movistar +), and from an early age he has had the opportunity to converse with cosmonauts, astronauts, UFO researchers, astronomers and almost with any "cosmic" adult who has had something interesting to tell you.

He is one of the promoters, along with other boys and girls of his age, of the website

This is your first talk about the mystery that you are most passionate about: are we being visited by beings from other worlds? And why are there so many cases of encounters with UFOs whose protagonists are children?


The Ufology World Congress wishes to introduce in this and future editions the future promises of our generation in the field of research and give them a space to develop their talents and concerns, since it is they who in the very near and near future who they will bring a new opening of consciousness to our society.

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