León valverde



Pineal gland

"Extraterrestrial Battle for Human Consciousness"

Sunday September 27

Time: 12:20 - 13:40

30€ IVA INC.



  80 min

A deep analysis of the most important hidden events of humanity that reveal the negatives agenda and humanity's plan to transcend it.


León Valverde was born in Mexico City to an American mother and a Mexican father. Leon grew up in a bi-cultural environment that prepared him for the work he does today of bonding between languages ​​regarding prohibited information that is not commonly accessible in Spanish.

At 21, Leon immigrated to the United States and spent more than a decade as an undocumented worker, working side by side with other immigrants in jobs that Americans don't want to do. León had great humility lessons that he learned during these stages of his life.

Leon's first job was in a hospice. Where he took care of people who had a prognosis of six months or less to live. This experience marked his life deeply and would be part of the experiences that would lead him to do the conscientious work he does today.

Upon acquiring his legal status in the US, León completes his university studies with a degree in political science and becomes involved in the fight for immigrant rights. He writes and publishes a novel in English called Cuauhtemoc's Crossing, designed for the American public with the intention of humanizing the controversial subject of immigration that many Americans do not clearly understand.

Over the past two years, after having a series of contacts with "spaceships", Leon founded the YouTube channel called "Human Revelation" to contribute to the great efforts to release the forbidden truth, as well as to evolve the level of consciousness in The humanity.

León popularized the term "star seeds" which is currently becoming a social and global movement with multiple social groups of conscious people around the world.

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