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She  will talk about his closest encounters and the implants, showing evidence such as X-rays.


Kate is a theoretical astrophysicist and cosmologist, author, editor, and multi artistic speaker, experimenter, and radio host from the paranormal to the normal.  


She had her first close encounter when she was only three years old during which she met one of the small creatures we have come to know as The Greys. She was ten years old when she met these creatures for a second time and was taken up in a craft. She lost her sense of smell during this event, and the encounter was also reported to UFO-Norway as a light phenomenon in 1979. She was twenty-nine years old when she had her third close encounter.

After her last encounter, she found that she had become highly sensitive to sounds. She could hear electronic noises from many different types of equipment and even had to leave the room while her mobile phone was being charged. She had become very light-sensitive, and her sense of smell had returned.


In 2016 she found out that she has 35 symmetrical placed implants in her body. Where small neodymium magnets stick. These events had changed her in a facenating way. From not beeing into physicis. Now however Kate may have cracked the shell of the Universe that may hide a completely new theoretical astrophysics. The concepts, to be detailed in her next book,The Creation, where physics and consciousness meet.  will open your mind as to a possible true nature of the Universe. Her first book A Hybrid Story is about her close encounters and other paranormal experiences.


Kate has participated in numerous radio shows, conferences, and tv shows.

Oslo spectrum spiritual conferences 1996 -97- 99.

Bufora conference UK. 1998

Looking at the stars documentary TV2. 2000.

Langesund festival. 2009.

Pine Bush Ufo Fair. New York. 2017-2019.

Ufo Megacon conferance. Laughlin, Nevada. 2019 – 2020.

Haskovo Ufo Conferance 2018.

UFO-Конференция 2018 - лектор Кейт Торвалдсен - YouTube

Haskovo Etv. 2018.

"Без формат" - Близки срещи от трети вид - YouTube

Kate Thorvaldsen & Marc Dantonio, Science Tour Norway. 2019.

Ufo Conference Boulder, Colorado 2020

Gaia Tv with George Noory. 2020.