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UAP, where are we going. The keys to the disclosure.


During the last thirty years, Josep Guijarro (Terrassa, 1967) has concentrated a large part of his efforts on traveling and investigating the enigmas of the past in search of evidence that substantiates that we are not alone in the universe. As a result of these investigations, the series "Extraterrestrials?" which broadcasts Canal de Historia for Spain and Portugal.

Josep has traveled to more than 50 countries and has obtained the opinion of numerous national and international experts on ufological matters.

After his latest publishing success, Impossible Coincidences (Libros Cúpula, 2014), Josep Guijarro returned to his origins, to his passion for ufology and historical enigmas in a book entitled Ancestral Aliens. A press, radio and television reporter, he directed the magazine KARMA 7 for a decade, was editor-in-chief of la MÁS ALLÁ and is currently part of the Research Team of the magazine Enigmas. He is also one of the voices of the talk show Zona Cero in La Rosa de los Vientos on Onda Cero and a regular collaborator in prime time on TVE, within the Hora Punta space.

Thousands of sightings around the world, official commissions, scientists who are open to the possibility of life outside our planet. Are they trying to psych us up for "something" important? Josep Guijarro delves into this talk in the ins and outs of the UFO phenomenon, its political, military, social and religious implications. They were in the past and promised to return: Are we close to extraterrestrial contact?