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Smart resources for creating contact

"Do you want to learn
to Contact?"

Sunday September 27

Time: 19:00 - 20:20




 90 min

To carry out the free workshop, registration is required. Limited places.

Do you want to learn to Contact?

Classic techniques used by the different contacts and how to apply them. Psychology of contact: is it "fiction" or is it "real". What to do and what not to do to preserve your Healthy Consciousness throughout the process.

Mediumship, Encounters in the Third Phase, Sighting Groups, Channeling, Passage of Information Via Computer. The Emitter-Message-Receiver and Quantum Probabilistic Models to make an evaluation of the contact. The dilemma of External Validation. Group Dynamics will be presented in the Workshop to explore these aspects of Contact and for the enrichment of the Consciousness of the Attendees.



Coach and creator of ad-hoc media content. Psychologist Graduated from the Complutense University of Madrid 1981/1985. Chartered Psychologist at the Official College of Psychologists of Madrid: 06440 since 1985.

Tutor Collaborator of Market Research Companies in topics such as Biototechnology, Logo testing (Repsol, Dewars White Label), Population Studies (Radioactive waste warehouse El Cabril).

Practical Training in Psychoanalysis with Nora Levinton. SEPT Group Practical Training in Sexology with Fina Sanz Ramón. Sexological Society of the Pays Valencia at the SEXPOL Foundation. Sociocultural Entertainer for the Community of Madrid. Gestald training at the Fritz Perls School with Luis Fernandez and Pablo de la Rosa Alvarez. Director of the Edward Bach Center in Spain. 1992 Director of Gotas de Flores S.L. 1992 Creator of the line of work: Essential Therapy; in the field of Floral.

Creator of Ecological Psychology: application of Psychology to the framework of flower essences.

Former APTN COFENAT member

Naturopath: Member of FENACO

* You can only access the purchase of the workshops by obtaining Tickets for the Congress. Workshops only for Congress attendees.

* All workshops have a very limited capacity and will have to be reserved with a minimum of 30 days prior to the Congress. Subject to availability.

* This program may be subject to last minute changes due to the agendas of the speakers and external reasons outside the organization.
* All possible changes will be notified to all our users and buyers, via mail and RRSS.

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