"A new vision of the UFO phenomenon"

Saturday September 26

Time: 20:00 - 21:20

30€ IVA INC.

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 90 min

The workshop exposes all the keys to the well-known theory of distortion, in addition to offering a detailed and in-depth analysis of ufological casuistry. With clear examples and extensive explanations, the entire theoretical framework that has created this new and revolutionary way of interpreting the UFO paradigm is reviewed in detail. A workshop that will make you think differently than usual regarding the origin and purpose of flying saucers and their occupants.


José Antonio Caravaca is considered one of the most outstanding ufologists on the current scene. It belongs to the last batch of researchers and writers focused on the world of para-sciences that emerged in the early nineties in Spain. An inveterate traveler and reader, he has published more than 500 research articles on UFOs, cryptozoology, archeology and other issues related to heterodoxy. He is a collaborator of the specialized magazines: ENIGMAS, AÑO CERO, MAS ALLA and EL OJO CRITICO, in addition to other international media. Regular contributor to radio talk shows on programs like Other Worlds, My Favorite Enigmas, Strange Days, The Sign, The Invisible Dragon, Blank Space, etc). He has participated in different congresses and conferences on UFOs throughout Spain, highlighting his intervention in the three National Journalism of Mystery Congresses held in Malaga and in the Magic International (Barcelona).

Internationally, he collaborates on one of the most prestigious blogs in the world; The UFO CONJECTURES, by the researcher Rich Reynolds. Some Caravaca articles have been translated into numerous languages; English, German, French, Portuguese, Finnish, Polish, Japanese, etc. In 2013, he participated in a joint work with several Spanish investigators and journalists under the title: "There are other worlds" (Editorial Cydonia). In 2015, his revealing research on the so-called “Roswell Slides” had a wide repercussion worldwide. But if Caravaca is known for anything, it is because he is the author of the famous «Distortion Theory», the last great contribution to UFO thought. An idea that has sparked a new debate in places as disparate as Spain, the United States, France, France, Cuba, Argentina, Chile, Australia and even Japan. And it is that after more than three decades dedicated to the deep and exhaustive analysis of the UFO casuistry, Caravaca has composed an amazing theoretical framework, completing and expanding the work of dozens of prominent scholars in the field, in order to offer concrete answers to this elusive phenomenon . From its most confusing and ethereal aspects to the episodes in which physical evidence has been recorded. Many ufologists have opined on the Distortion Theory


«Last year I read your work, and I am very interested in your position. It may be that Caravaca is right, and the phenomenon manipulates the natural environment. I really like the Caravaca theory, they are parallel stories ». Jacques Vallée, astrophysicist and UFO researcher and author of the book Passport to Magonia (USA)


«José Antonio Caravaca has revitalized world ufology with his Distortion Theory, delving into what pioneers such as John Alva Keel, Jacques Vallée and Salvador Freixedo had already revealed to us» Pablo Villarrubia reporter, writer and editor for Cuarto Milenio.


«The Distortion Theory is here to stay and bridge the possible and the unthinkable, so let us give it a pleasant and warm welcome. Long live and prosperity to the Distortion Theory and to José Antonio Caravaca ». Juan Acevedo, UFO researcher and co-author of the book Los Extraños (ARGENTINA)


"Caravaca, always lavishly documented and cautious in his investigations, provides lines of work that could mark a before and after in the approach to the truth that lies behind the UFO enigma. For all these reasons, deepening the Distortion Theory seems essential for those interested in the subject, and it is consecrated as a breath of fresh air with well-founded foundations ». Víctor Martínez, UFO researcher. Director of the UFO Report website (SPAIN)


“Caravaca, probably one of the greatest connoisseurs of the UFO phenomenon worldwide, is touching the Holy Grail of ufology with his fingertips.” Jesús Ortega, journalist and researcher, director of the program The Invisible Dragon and editor in Year Zero / Enigmas (SPAIN)


"Works like José Antonio Caravaca's are necessary and indispensable to be able to find at least some answers to a problem in which we have been stuck for almost 70 years for not daring to expand our gaze on the phenomenon."

Dr. Néstor Berlanda, psychiatrist, UFO researcher and author of the book Behind the Fog (ARGENTINA)


"This theory is a new approach to discovering what humans have been experiencing since time immemorial and opens the door to new truths about what it means to be human, in its broadest sense" Rich Reynolds journalist and researcher. Director of UFO CONJETURES (USA)


"Caravaca has spent decades carefully studying hundreds of close encounters with UFOs, looking at every detail and interviewing over and over again the witnesses and investigators who have compiled some of those incidents." Miguel Pedrero journalist, writer and associate director of the Year Zero / Enigmas magazine (SPAIN)


"Regarding the Distortion Theory, which handles and exposes substantial explanations, I accept it as a very important tool, capable of offering more satisfactory answers, within the complex set of unshakable confusion to which the UFO mystery has subjected us." Orestes Girbau, UFO researcher (CUBA).


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