The Eternal Conspiracy

"Thousands of years without officially assuming the presence of UFOs and regular contact with ETs "

Sunday 27 September

Time: 19:00 - 20:20

25€ IVA INC.

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  80 min

After studying hundreds of conspiracies, participating and / or creating more than a hundred videos on different YOUTUBE channels, giving nearly twenty conferences and being part of the debate table in 36 FOURTH MILLENNIUM programs (in addition to some other television) ... I have achieved a precise vision of the reasons and motives of most of the conspiracies ... and this touches very fully on the spiritual world ... and the other side of reality ... where the UFO phenomenon and the ETs.

So in any of these workshops I will talk about the global and Eternal conspiracy that hangs over VESSELS-CREWS and THE DIRECT CONTACTS that are taking place in our times (the latter through my direct relationship with people involved with abductees / contacted / incarnated / channeled).

From the age of 11, he listened, from 01:00, to Antonio José Alés on the radio on the sly, read books by Von Daniken, Antonio Ribera and collected the magazine Midnight, Unknown World. In those years, he spent much of the night every day, before sleeping, looking out the window at the stars in search of UFOs. Every summer night with the town's friends we competed to locate mobile light points in the middle of the Milky Way.


The first thing I wrote and published in my life was in the school newspaper, a newsroom talking about the stars and the desire to see UFOs. At 13 - 14

I had some eventual collaboration with components of the so-called Rama Mission.


From the age of 16 I focused on the rational world ... BUP, COU, University

And there was a halt in these matters, although I tried to develop mental capacities to the maximum, appreciate silence and seek direct contact with the natural. On vacation, as I got older, I kept in the habit of going for a walk to see the stars shortly before bed.

It is true that I have never achieved, until now, an indisputable sighting, as at most I have seen satellites slowly sailing through the sky, shooting stars ...

For many years I traveled intensely, being in some mythical and powerful places, through the historical architecture of 4 continents, many of them with traces of an intervention not typical of the inhabitants of those times.


I have been able to meet in the last 10 years of my life many people who have seen lights-ships-UFOs, others who have dealt face to face with beings, others who claimed to be Ets sharing physical bodies with "normal" humans, others abducted operated nightly on tumors, others channeling impressive messages periodically ... For this reason it is clear to me that although there is everything in the vineyard ... there is some grape that is completely true, and a single proof of the existence of ET is enough to make it clear to me that exist and are around here. Since 2007 I begin to be aware of the infinite succession of conspiracies, in 2009 I enter into activism for the Truth and since 2012 I begin to train in communication and delve into the "other side".


Since 2013, my interventions in the Fourth Millennium (up to 36 programs) and parallel YouTube channels, conferences, congresses, symposiums, research, training in the origins of humanity, of reality and many people who contact me and tell me their cases begin . Until today…


Below is a review of my modest / annoying interventions in Cuarto Milenio, Antena 3 and the Ufology Congress of the Hidden Truth channel;


  • Intervention nº4.5 a minute in the Program of 11-15-15 on possible constructions on Mars.

  • Intervention # 9 on whether there is extraterrestrial life.

  • Intervention # 15 on British Royalty and their ET knowledge.

  • Intervention nº 20 on the infiltrated ETs.

  • Intervention nº 22 on abduction cases.

  • Intervention nº24 on the presence of humanoids today.

  • On one occasion, after a 20-minute interview, on the 70th anniversary of the beginning of the UFO era, they took out on ANTENA 3, on the TELEDIARIO, just a couple of minutes.

  • In 2019, participate in the Ufology Congress of the Hidden Truth channel in the company of the also participating this year ... Sergio Ruiz.


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