"Activation and reconnection of multidimensional DNA"

The main objective of these sizes is to wake up and expand the awakening of consciousness. To awaken the innate potential asleep in our DNA, such as: states of tranquility, peace and happiness, the power of healing and self healing, installation and activation of the codes of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual abundance, alignment and balance of your centers of energy, awakening and activation of multidimensional quantum telepathy, activation of the genes of the longevity and youth, healing of your mental and

emotional body that will influence the physical and your DNA, awaken from intuition and wisdom. In this workshop course, we will make ancestral and stellar shamanic connections, experiential exercises in contact with ourselves, with our essence, receiving energies from the universe and the earth.


Ancestral, cosmic and practical methods and techniques that will help us in the awakening and activation of DNA and reprogram our DNA will be shared. All this knowledge and practical exercises will allow us to accelerate the awakening, activation and reconnection of the layers and propellers of our energetic and multidimensional DNA and therefore the biological one that will allow us to use our full innate potential and connect with abundance On a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


In this workshop course you will learn various ancestral, cosmic and stellar techniques and methods to activate DNA.


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120 mins