UFO and states of consciousness
"The relationship between our consciousness, the UFO phenomenon and spirituality" 

Friday, October 08 
Time: 11:25 - 12:15

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Guido Ferrari is a journalist, director, author and spiritual researcher. He holds a degree in economics and social sciences from the University of Bern, did a didactic psychoanalysis, and a shamanic training at the Foundation for Shamanic Studies. As a journalist and director at the Italian-speaking Swiss television and later as a freelance documentary maker, he has conducted numerous interviews and created portraits of famous people, as well as documentaries on spirituality and historical themes.


He recently published “Un lungo viaggio. Il ritorno alla sorgente. Un’autobiografia spirituale". The book was also published in English and will soon be in French as well.

On the UFO theme, he created a series of 4 documentaries of 50' each traveling in Europe, USA, Mexico. He made use of the advice of Roberto Pinotti. He has produced documentaries on crop circles and numerous interviews with famous characters from the UFO world. He intervenes on the subject in television and radio programs.


Among the people he interviewed are the Dalai Lama, Erich Fromm, Karl Popper, Marie-Louise von Franz, Elisabeth Kübler-Ross, Eugène Ionesco, Ervin Laszlo, Claude Lévi Strauss, Simon Wiesenthal, Rita levi-Montalcini, Matthieu Ricard, James Low, Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche, Tulku Thondup, Fosco Maraini, Elemire Zolla, Robert Monroe, Masaru Emoto.

His documentaries have focused on a range of topics, from life after death, to reincarnation and journeys of consciousness, to UFOs, spiritual healers and places of strength and various aspects of Buddhism. Among the historical topics: Switzerland and the Second World War, Switzerland and the Jews, the German surrender in Northern Italy, Ticino and fascism, the Italian refugees of 1943.


The titles of his main works are available on Some of his works are also available on his YouTube channel at