ENRIQUE De Vicente


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In addition to a degree in advertising and an expert in marketing, fields in which he worked for 21 years, he is a journalist specializing in scientific and paranormal issues, whose study he has been studying for 55 years.


For 25 years - beating a world record in specialized journalism - he directed the international magazine “Year Zero”, which he created in 1990. Previously, he was director of “Extraterrestrial Contacts” and “Supermind, parapsychology magazine”, as well as editor-in-chief , editor, collaborator or correspondent of fifty national and foreign magazines and newspapers.


He is currently focused on the development of two new books and on his occupation as a regular speaker and guest on Cuatro-TV's “Cuarto Milenio”.


He has participated in various international works on ufology and parapsychology, and is the author of the books The hidden powers of the mind, Magic Guide of Madrid, What is hidden behind the X-files ?, Hidden Keys of the Lost Symbol and Hidden Keys of the Da Code Vinci, best-seller in Spain and published in six countries. Since 1974, when he founded the now-defunct Gnosis publishing house, he has advised various publishers and acted as a press agent for many internationally renowned writers.

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