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Eamonn Ansbro has a Master’s degree with Distinction in Astronomy from University of Western Sydney, Australia; a Master of Philosophy degree in Astronomy and PhD in Astronomy from the Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute at Open University (UK) where he carried out a 10 year outer Solar System survey. 

He is an elected Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and is the National Coordinator for Ireland in Astronomy Education for the International Astronomical Union.  He is co-founder and national representative for Ireland of International Coalition for Extraterrestrial Research with Chair of Scientific Research Group; He has memberships of UK SETI Research Network, European Astrobiology Network Association, Scientific Coalition for UAP, UFODATA PROJECT, Society of Photo Instrument Engineers and EU Cost Action member for Polarimetry Studies in the Solar System.


He was one of the early pioneers in UFO Instrumental Research. SETI KINGSLAND (www.setikingsland.org)  and  UFODATA PROJECT (http://www.ufodata.net)   The intelligence behind UFOs led to new experimental quantum communications systems.  


He holds Directorships of Space Exploration Ltd in Spain and Ireland,

Kingsland Observatory (Ireland) and Observatorio de las Animas (Spain)    

These facilities provide remote access to a wide range of optical telescopes and instruments for multi wavelength observations in astrophysics and astronomy.


He has a wide range of scientific papers and articles in SETI research, planetary science and instrumentation and has given many international presentations.    He has a number of awards, patents and publications, specifically in Solar System, SETI, Astrobiology, Instrumentation, Optics, 3D imaging, spectroscopy, sensors for astronomy.