The "alien" humans of Alpha Centauri "

Saturday September 26

Time: 13:00 - 14:30

Ricardo González Corpancho (Lima, 1974), became interested in the UFO phenomenon in 1988 when he witnessed a close sighting in Peru. Thirty years later it has become a world reference on the subject. He has traveled the world more than a hundred times and has published twenty books. He has spent a quarter of a century dedicated to the investigation of this enigma without interruptions, and despite this, he claims to have more questions than answers. His contact testimony, presented at countless international conferences and congresses, as well as in various television interviews, has generated great debate as an interest among scholars. On eight occasions he has invited investigators and journalists specializing in UFOs to successful "scheduled sightings." For González the classic phrase "we are not alone in the universe" fell short. For him we are not alone on Earth.



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